Our story has started in 1997 when we decided to implement the knowledge small team of people in one enterprise, which will be the part of a new start for the B&H economy that will lead to its development and new employment.

Passion in making woodworking tools, because it is exactly what we do the best, have lead to establishment of production first widia saw blades in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Years of experience and effort, specialization our employees as well as modernizing our machine park have made us reach the goal: production of quality domestic widia saw blades in standard dimensions but also by demand of buyer, for all kind of working in the wood industry with the affordable price i reliable delivery time.

Therefore, Procedo d.o.o. is for the B&H wood industry synonym for long-lasting and trustworthy product.

Product placement beyond the borders of our contry has widened our horizons and brought back positive confirmation from our buyers for our widia saw blades with their orders from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria and Germany.

Furthermore foreign markets made us trustworthy as becoming their agent for all other types of tools that we yet do not product.

Investing in our machinery and continuously upgrading the knowledge of the employees was followed by expansion and improvement of regular production program where today we can product, besides the saw blades, various types of milling cutters. All others accompanying accessories such as e.g. spacers, bushing and other are part of our production.

Economy and maximum degree usability of the tools are necessary for every work therefore we provided service of tools to our partners: sharpening and reparation widia saw blades, milling cutters, drills, knives and others.

„Procedo“ d.o.o. is synonym for continuous progression (latin. Procedo – go further, progress) and we are moving production borders towards metal industry since 2014. Doors of the new possibilities are opening by purchasing CNC machines which are representatives of the last technology and precision. Following mission signs we are now capable to product drills, cutters and other types of the tools for the metal industry.

Highly educated menagement, professionally trained and qualified employees in our production together with CNC machines of most advanced technological achievements and continuous education as well as upgrading by market demands are quality guarantee of all our products because „Procedo“ is your reliable partner.


Our vision is to become leader of Northeast Europe in this field with completely automated and standardised product process with presence at most significant markets in the world.


„Procedo“ d.o.o. Sarajevo mission is to represent possibilities of B&H economy in domestic and foreign market followed by supreme product, production progress and increase in number of employees, respecting adopted business policy for product quality and its representation.