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PROCEDO is a synonym for carbide circular saw blades. We have specialised in the carbide and HSS circular saw blade production for precise and excellent material processing.

Well – known woodworking companies at Bosnian – Herzegovinian and regional market have given us their trust and chosen PROCEDO for their tool supplier.

Let us help you too and provide you the saw blade you need with affordable price and short delivery time.

Saw blade production program includes:

  • Rip saw blades
  • Multi – rip saw blades
  • Universal saw blades
  • Cross – cut saw blades
  • Panel sizing saw blades
  • Conical scoring saw blades
  • Postform scoring saw blades
  • Saw blades for hand machines
  • Non – ferrous metal and plastic saw blades
  • Saw blades for cutting particle board
  • Circular saws for segment hoggers
  • Grooving saw blades

Besides standard dimensions we can produce saw blades according to buyer’s demand.


Our department for milling cutters consists of: constrution, production and control.

Constrution department is in charge for creating tools and prepares drawings for buyer. Production is equipped  with complete line of modern CNC controlled machines and strives to produce ordered tool in short delivery time. Quality control has to ensure exact tool quality and measures at CNC controlled measuring equipment.

We are able to offer you following PROCEDO cutters:

  • finger – jointing cutters
  • profile milling cutters
  • cutters for CNC machines

Each of our tools has surface protection from corrosion and has engraved all necessary dimensions and markings.

Cutters are produced with HSS and carbide tips. All materials are purchased from world – known suppliers with quality certifications.

Aside from single cutter production we can combine a set of milling cutters according to the usual dimensions and construction, but also according to the special needs of customers.We are producing milling cutters for soft and hard wood, aluminum and plastic.


Quality wood processing means precise and durable tool which will provide exceptional work. Production of the carbide spiral cutters is done at the modern CNC machines with high – quality material.

We can offer following spiral carbide cutters:

  • carbide spiral cutters finish style
  • carbide spiral cutters roughing style
  • carbide spiral cutters ball nose
  • engraving needle