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Circular saws

“Procedo” d.o.o. is another name for a circular saw. This area is the area of ​​our specialization where we are tasked with producing HM and HSS circular saws for high-quality and precise material processing.

Well-known names of wood processors in the BiH industry as well as in the region showed their trust and chose “Procedo” d.o.o. Sarajevo for its tool supplier.

Allow us to help you and provide you with the exact saw you need at affordable prices and a reliable delivery time.

The production program includes saws of standard dimensions, namely:

  • saws and cutters (one-piece and collapsible) for chipboard as well as double-sided
  • for longitudinal cutting of wood
  • for transverse cutting of wood
  • universal circular saws
  • for hand machines
  • for crushers
  • for Al/PVC

In addition to the standard dimensions, we produce circular saws according to the customer’s special requirements, drawings and samples, regardless of the outer diameter, width of the cut, number of teeth, shape of the teeth and quality of saw.


The department of our company for making milling machines consists of three units: construction department, production and final inspection.

The construction department deals with the construction of tools based on drawings or samples by the customer.

The production, equipped with the most modern CNC machines, strives to make the constructed tool in the shortest possible time with the highest processing quality. Our machine park has a complete line starting from cnc lathes, cnc milling machines, cnc grinders to cnc devices for dynamic balancing of tools. The final control has the task of performing tool control with the measurement protocol on the most modern cnc-driven equipment.

We are able to offer you milling cutters from the "Procedo" product range, primarily milling cutters for zinc joints, which represent the basic product of this group, and in addition:

Joining routers

Milling cutters for miter

Grooving mills

Edge milling cutter

Engraving cutters

Milling machines for profiles

Milling machines for processing and decorating kitchen and dining room doors and pieces of furniture

Milling machines for CNC

All our tools have surface protection against corrosion, as well as laser-engraved all the necessary markings.

We make milling cutters in two versions, made of hss (high-speed steel) and hard metal (see). We import both materials from the world's leading manufacturers with all certificates.

In addition to the individual production of milling cutters, it is our practice to assemble a set of milling cutters according to the usual dimensions and construction, but also according to the special needs of customers. The offer includes sets of milling cutters for processing wood (soft and hard), aluminum and plastic.

Spiralna glodala za drvo

Kvalitetna obrada drveta podrazumijeva precizan i pouzdan alat koji će omogućiti vrhunsku izvedbu. Program proizvodnje spiralnih glodala za drvo se vrši na najsavremenijim CNC mašinama uz prvorangirani materijal u skladu sa visokim zahtjevima tržišta.

Program spiralnih glodala obuhvata proizvodnju: 

  • Spiralnih glodala – fina i gruba izvedba
  • Spiralnih glodala sa kuglom
  • Gravirnih igli
  • Upuštača