Service for maintenance and woodworking tool repair is component part of our business. We service PROCEDO tools as well as tools from other producers. We also provide service of tools for PVC and AL working and tools for metal industry.

High quality of our service is guarantee for satisfied customer. Proper tool maintenance, especially of cutting blade, directly reflects at production costs and efficieny. Dullness of cutting blade with a bad treatment and increase of energy use can result with a tool breakage.

Basic rule for tool maintenance is: Sharpen tool in time. Following the rule tool working possibillity is longer and better.

PROCEDO service includes sharpening widia and CV saw blades, milling cutters as well as repair of broken widia and HSS tips.

We provide top quality service through continuous education, following world trends at this field, applying and using most modern technology and materials while working at CNC machines along with the multiple quality control.